Minor updates for better experience

April 24, 2014

All right, I know I am not paying attention to details enough, but...give me a break! I do my best to keep up with work and family and work again and...but I did it again: updated some stuff on Art-e so you can enjoy it better ;-)

  • upgraded the TRAVEL gallery to be a group of galleries...I know you will get it loud and clear once you get there! Haïti, Carnavals, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and more to come (but I don't know when!)
  • photos' titles now displayed when hovering over the pics thumbnails; a neat little feature, most of all after you have spent about 7 months wondering where the heck the tittles had gone!! they where there...but I forgot to display them...I'm sorry...
  • applied correct price list to all galleries; don't want to rob you, but neither do i want to give away pictures for free ;-)...I want to stay in business to bring you wonderful images!
  • removed the "Guestbook" link...i don't want to hear all the horrible things you think of me! thank god you haven't gotten time to write anything in there! 
  • placed the "About", "Contact", "Search" links under the "More" menu...you already know who I am, so no need to have this link in the middle of the face!
  •  other minor updates I can't describe: it's secret. it's the core. I hardly even know how i did it!

Thank you guys.



updated main menu   New TRAVEL gallery   Title Hover