El Molino at f/4

April 24, 2014

El Molino at f/4Lanzarote - Famara - Night shot     El Molino at f/14El Molino at f/14

Latitude 29,6.7516N
Longitude 13,33.3819W

It was 19:00 when I pulled over on the side of the road.
It was getting dark. It was windy. It was sandy.
But there it was.
Spinning in the wind. Screaming.

I switched lens under my coat for my weather sealed 24-105, lowered the tripode at ground level as much as I could, layed on the floor, and started shooting in manual mode, bitten and blinded by the sand, pushing the iso from 2500 to 25600, pushing the aperture from f/4 to f/14, switching back to a normal 20mm lens (which suffered as much as my eyes from the sand!), doing my best to focus anywhere, somewhere, but fast.
Too cold, too sandy. And getting very dark. Don't feel like staying 45 seconds the finger on the shutter. Don't feel like opening my bag to get the remote shutter release. Just want to get out of here.

Both pictures are so similar and so different that for now both are displayed here. I can't choose. I won't choose. 

My best shot. My fastest shot. Found sand in the camera's body 3 weeks later.

Famara was the place. You should get there. This wind pump has been destroyed many times by the wind and the sand and the sea salt. It has been reconstructed.

The question is not if it will fall again. But if man will bother helping it stand up once more.