Carnaval Tenerife 2014

March 12, 2014

El Beso de MadameEl Beso de Madame I wanted to cover the 2014 edition of Tenerife's Carnaval, worldwide aclaimed carnaval that no photographer should ever miss....except me!

Well, not that I wanted to miss it, but just that...for some odd reasons, I never felt like going to...or had the time to...or simply forgot to go...!

So I finally decided/remembered/made the time to give it a go.

And went.

First on Saturday 8th, to the closure of Puerto de la Cruz's carnaval.

But I arrived too late. And was accompanied by my lovely and heavy two years old daughter, whom I had to carry on my back into some sort of harness, all the time. Heavy. Really heavy!

So I managed to take those 20 or so pictures you can see here. And not fall nor loose my daughter.

Not too bad.

A small and friendly carnaval full of latin rythms and rhum.

I'll be there next year for the whole month, no doubt.


The day after, Sunday 9th, I wanted to cover the last day of Santa Cruz's Carnaval. Alone and fully equipped.

Unfortunately...I couldn't make it...I slipped and crashed my bike on the TF1 expressway under the rain, after a 60 km of a nice (and sunny!) and smooth ride...well, s...happens! 10 km short of the finish line...

Fortunately, even though the two cameras I was carrying along where loose and totaly unprotected in the upper box of the bike, they didn't fly away, and seem to have survived pretty well the 100 km/h bobsleigh ride we made gracefully between the surrounding cars.

And your favorite photographer seems to be okay as well, alive and clicking, already planning next years carnaval...for good!

I must thank Esther for saving my life and not running me over ;-). Thank you, wherever you are now! 

;-) Cheers folks ! and please, drive safely ;-)))))